Diesel Engine Professionals

At FHG, we are specialists in marine diesel engine service. We deliver technical and engineering solutions all your marine diesel engine and auxiliary systems needs. From troubleshooting and repairs to scheduled and preventative maintenance, our service engineers provide you and your vessel with the highest quality service in the industry.

Mobile Marine Maintenance and 24hr Emergency Service

Our engineers are also highly skilled in:

  • Electrical systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Control systems
  • Oily water separators (OWS)
  • Automation
  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewage treatment systems


FHG Marine Engineering will travel to your vessel to provide a free consultation. We will review the work needed and provide you with the estimated cost and scope of work. We can also provide you with a maintenance schedule to help prevent work loss time on your vessel through preventative maintenance. We are the technical partner for yachts, cruise and commerical vessels.

Diesel Engine Overhauls

FHG Marine Engineering knows that waiting for your engine to fail can lead to costly overhauls and shipyard periods usually resulting in the hull being cut open to remove the old engine block. Preventative maintenance and scheduled hourly overhauls are the key to reliability and lower maintenance costs over time. We specialize in “in-frame” overhauls completed right on the boat. We replace wear components (bearings, piston rings, cylinder liners, etc.), hydrostatically test and clean coolers, overhaul cylinder heads, injectors, and do a complete inspection of all other components.


Upon request, FHG Marine Engineering can complete engine inspections to establish the current condition of the engine. If you are a potential buyer, seller, or just want to know if your engine is due for an overhaul, we can help. This inspection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Removing the fuel injectors for a cylinder bore inspection of the piston crowns and cylinder liners.
  • Axial thrust measurement on the turbocharger shaft.
  • Exhaust temperature readings on each cylinder to calculate the load on each cylinder.
  • Fluid analysis for the coolant and crankcase oil, to show if there is excessive wear, bearing failure, contamination, in addition to other factors that show the engine’s health.

Preventative Maintenance

With years of experience on intercontinental ships, we understand the need to keep equipment running. Preventive maintenance is the key to a heathy, reliable, engine that you can trust. All machinery has a life-span and running your engine until failure will shorten this life-span. FHG Marine Engineering takes a pro-active approach to maintenance in order prevent costly repairs:

  • Diagnostic computer testing
  • Fluids and filters are changed at the manufacturer recommended intervals.
  • Injectors tested and overhauled as needed or hourly to ensure proper atomization for clean combustion.
  • Coolers are kept clean to maximize heat transfer thus eliminating overheating that causes failures.
  • Oil is sampled at regular intervals to overall health of the engine (we check for fuel dilution, water, wear elements, trace elements, soot, oxidation, and sulfation, which can all lead to premature engine failure).
  • Coolant is sampled at regular intervals to ensure corrosion levels are safe, percent glycol, freeze point, oil presence, PH balance, and other factors that contribute to coolant life.

We service and support the following products and manufacturers:

Diesel Engines

Detroit Diesel
John Deere

Pneumatic & Hydraulics

Ingersoll Rand


Alfa Laval

Sewage and Water Treatment